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Breast Of A Woman Is Made For Breastfeeding

RRP $803.99

Now the same people who had a problem with this person feeding her child is probably comfortable with some form of perversion that is normal in this world. This book is a discussion about Breastfeeding Pro and Con. Like it or not it will not stop now or in the near future. Email me your comments for the next edition of this book at Thank You.

Relaxation For Breastfeeding!

RRP $86.95

A woman's body is an amazing work of art crafted to adapt to nature's call for motherhood. Let Relaxation for Breastfeeding & Skin-To-Skin Infant Care guide you through a healthier breastfeeding experience. It is an excellent informative resource. Dr. Jon Marshall, Fitness Expert & Health Humanitarian Can breastfeeding mothers learn to relax? Do herbs boost milk production? Helpful hints for the breastfeeding spouse Nutrition tips for the breastfeeding mother Does skin-to-skin infant care enhance bonding? Can dads and grandparents bond with skin-to-skin infant care? Moms of newborns often find that they experience a range of emotions. Sometimes moms experience "postpartum blues" or even severe symptoms of depression. Learning to relax and rejuvenate can reduce worrisome thoughts and improve the breastfeeding experience. Whether she is nursing or expressing her milk, relaxation can be beneficial. This guidebook journal provides information to enhance the experience of breastfeeding and skin-to-skin infant care."

Evidence-based Care For Breastfeeding Mothers

RRP $314.99

Breastfeeding is a major public health issue. Breast milk provides all the nutrients a baby needs for their first six months. Research studies also show that breastfeeding doesn't just help to protect infants from infection, but has other benefits such as reducing obesity and can help protect mothers from some diseases in later life.

Breastfeeding rates are low, however, and women need the support of their midwives and health visitors when beginning breastfeeding and throughout their child's infancy. This This evidence-based new edition addresses all the updated UNICEF UK BFI Best Practice Standards for Higher Education Institutions outcomes to ensure that students are equipped with the essential knowledge and skills to effectively promote and support breastfeeding mothers. It discusses:

  • anatomy and physiology;
  • the importance of buidling strong relationships;
  • essential skills and good practice guidance;
  • dealing with common problems;
  • public health considerations;
  • babies and mothers with special needs;
  • complementary feeding.

Suitable for both pre-registration midwifery students and health professionals undertaking continuing professional development, Evidence-based Care for Breastfeeding Mothers is designed to aid learning. The chapters include specific learning outcomes linked to the Baby Friendly standards, key fact boxes, clinical scenarios and activities.

Oncoplastic Breast Surgery 2015

RRP $255.99

This book presents 50 cases, encompassing a broad range of oncoplastic breast surgeries. Each case is dedicated to a particular surgical technique, using classifications of "good, bad, and ugly" to point out potential pitfalls and to optimize post-surgery results. With the help of more than 500 high-quality illustrations and photos and detailed step-by-step instructions the editors, respected experts in their field, describe the most common procedures.

Now in its second edition, this comprehensive surgical atlas provides practical guidance for various oncoplastic techniques used in breast conservation surgery and mastectomy with immediate reconstruction.

The book will be a valuable resource not only for surgeons specialized in breast cancer therapy, but also for general surgeons and gynecologists as well as for plastic and reconstructive surgeons.


Feeding Ambition

RRP $13.99

Meet Rachel McFarland, a disgruntled superhero forced to ingest massive amounts of calories just to fuel her powers.
When reality TV offers the only glimpse of escape, just how far will Rachel be willing to go to feed her ambitions?
Horror and humor are blended perfectly as Rachel and her teammates, each cursed with their own unique and grotesque powers, are forced to do battle with an ancient British king in order to save the world. But will they ever be able to save themselves?
Over the top action meets reality show satire - as aliens, mummies, time travel, ghost trains, re-animated dinosaurs, zombie babies, giant brains, super-sweat, a kick-ass schoolgirl and one giant undead squid collide in this wild novella from Lawrence Conquest.


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